French angora rabbits; support for owners; community resourceS

Litter planned for Spring 2017. Email to be placed on a waiting list or with any questions. Angora rabbits require a lot of care and attention, so I will only breed when there is high enough demand for kits or if I have the time to care for a full litter for the rest of their lives. As such, litters will be few and far between.

I offer grooming services for angora owners on either a monthly or seasonal basis. Grooming (brushing, clipping nails trimming facial ornament hair and undersides as needed) starts at $15 per rabbit or can be done in exchange for wool.

Because angora rabbits require so much care, I will happily provide lessons on grooming to anyone who purchases a kit from one of my litters, as well as ongoing support. If ever angora ownership proves to be too much, please bring back the rabbit to ensure a safe home. Angoras make great pets, 4-H projects, and fiber animals, but they are delicate creatures that require significant attention.